What will we


We intend to be active in the greater Jewish community of Toronto and Canada. The organizations of which we will seek to become affiliated with include:


We support and participate in the programming and work of the Canadian Zionist Federation which represents all of the Jews in Canada at the World Zionist Organization

fjmc FJMC, The Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs, and international organization of over 25,000 men around the world. One of our members is a past international president of the FJMC.

MERCAZ-Canada, the Zionist organization of the Masorti Movement in Israel, which works towards a pluralistic society in Israel


WLCJ, Women's League for Conservative Judaism, a world-wide organization representing over 40,000 women around the world

This is not a final list, there may be many other worthy organizations our members wish to affiliate with. We will work to ensure that everyone's choices are explored.

Contact us: info@bmjc.ca

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