Welcome to

Bathurst Manor Jewish Centre

An group of independent & committed Jews who have joined together to learn, pray and create a community in our neighbourhood

December 3

We will not be holding a service in Toronto on December 3, 2022. Join us at the MERCAZ-Canada Leadership Retreat, details on the MERCAZ-Canada website, https://mercaz.ca
Next service December 10!
Join us as we begin to build our kehillah.
(corner of Codsell and Wilson Heights). Please join us!


Our core group is composed of involved members of the Toronto Jewish Community,
including rabbis, past-presidents and board members of local synagogues and long time
volunteers who want more from their kehillah.
We are students of Jewish knowledge, Zionists, community oriented and
welcome everyone looking for a place to be part of a minyan on Shabbat.

For more information about the neighbourhood, visit Nexthome.ca

Contact us: info@bmjc.ca

Send an e-mail to this address to join our weekly list: weekly-join@bmjc.ca